Pet Food

Innovative Application:

Today, pets are not only “pets”, they are more concerned as “friends” and “families”。When consumers are demanding more happier and healthier lifestyle to their pets, QHT has lot of concerns: how to develop the functionality and health benefits to the “companion animals”.


Research revealss that consumption of prebiotic has significant health benefits to animals. In pets, prebiotics have been shown to improve intestinal functions, balance gut microbial ecology and promote stool quality.

In QHT’s solution, we help to develop custom formulation to animal feeds. Combining high quality with nutritional values, as well as cost savings. 

Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), a soluble dietary fiber which is recognized as a typical prebiotic, exists naturally in many kinds of plants such as banana, asparagus and leek.  It has been widely used in health foods, dairy products, infant formulas, beverages and bakery products, for having significant health benefits, good taste, and excellent versatility in the food processing industry.


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