Core Technology


Company Industry Status

1. The first enterprise to research and produce functional oligosaccharides in China. The first enterprise that produces both FOS and GOS. Own over 50% market shares of FOS and GOS in Chinese domestic market.

2. The biggest listed Prebiotic Corporation in China with EULIGO prebiotics (FOS & GOS). National leader in prebiotics study and research, production and manufacturing for 17 consecutive years.

3. The major proponent for Chinese approval of FOS as nutritional fortifier and the major drafter of the FOS & GOS national standard.

4. The first enterprise to release six components of Fructooligosaccharides Reference Sample in China, which fills the gap of lack of real samples of Fructooligosaccharides in the world.

5. The first Chines Prebiotic enterprise to gain the International Arch of Europe (IAE) Award in the Gold category made by the IAE Selection Committee.

6. The first enterprise to study 7 short-chain inulin and GOS national standard samples in China. 


Core Technology

Manufacturing ProcessesTraditional Technology
QHT TechnologyQHT Advantages
Conversion ProcessSuspension Stir Conversion method

The Third Generation Immobilized Fructosyl transferase


Effects of Metabolites Formed in Traditional Technology
Purification ProcessNanofiltration FractionationChromatographic FractionationHigher Product Purity
Concentration ProcessFalling Film EvaporationPlate-type EvaporationEnvironmental Friendly and Consumes Less Energy
Drying ProcessPressure Spray DryingLow-temperature Vacuum DryingImproves the Product Quality by Avoiding the High Temperature

Advanced Facilities


Advanced Production Equipment

Warehouse Management