Meet the needs of Dry-mixed productions
  • Better Flow
    Solve the problems that resulted by bad flow,
    make the product more filling and solid with better
  • Reduce Dust
    Keep Room Clean
    Increase particle size, reduce dust flowing and keep
    workshops clean.
  • Reduce Moisture Absorption
    Reduce Clumping
    Slow down the forming process of water layers, reduce
    moisture absorption
  • Good Compressibility
    Good-looking shape, stronger abrasive resistance and
    better formability.
Product Specification

Moisture:≤5% Particle Size:More than 90% are 40 - 80 Mesh

Angle of repose(°):38° Flowability:2.48g/s

Product Types:FOS-P95S,GOS-57S Packaging:20kg/Bag or 25kg/Bag

Bigger Grain Size, Easier to Control
Grain Size Range
10 - 40 Mesh10 - 80 Mesh40 - 100Mesh


(Filtering Ratio %)

10 Mesh9493
40 Mesh226692
80 Mesh
100 Mesh


> 70%> 90%> 90%
The Grain size of regular products are 40-100 Mesh, special grain size can be customized according to customer needs.
Advanced Flow:
After Graining Dry Spray Powder

Low Temperature Vacuum

 Drying Powder

Angle of repose(°)
38.3 46.2 43.32
Powder Flow (g/s) 2.48

Not falling free,

cannot be detected

(Outlet diameter: 6mm)

Not falling free,

cannot be detected

(Outlet diameter: 6mm)

After Graining, the ingredient flow is significantly increased.
Product Applications: