Along with the rapid development of the society and the increasingly significant nutrition consumption upgrades, consumer demand for higher quality nutrition is denfinitely driving the new round of reforming the food industry. Organic food with the concept of natural, healthy, no pollution and no added has become a new choice for customer to pursuit a healthier lifestyle.
As a typical representative in the new concept of nutrition, prebiotic has both direct and indirect effect to human body. Prebiotic also play an important role in keeping the internal balance of bacteria in human body
Prebiotic as the well-known, accepted and mature ingredient in the dairy industry, it is strongly approved by the mother consumers. As people known, intestinal canal is responsible to absorb over 95% nutrients from food. Prebiotic can effectively adjust the intestinal health function. Organic prebiotic will be a safer, healthier choice with higher quality. Organic terminal products that use organic ingredients are the strongest support to meet the upgraded consumer need.
Organic Certificates:
QHT Organic Product Types:
Organic Fructooligosaccharides
Organic Galactooligosaccharides