The perfect Mate for Your Probiotics
Water-less is a patented range of prebiotic offered by QHT, its total water activity is <0.10.The foundations for this innovation are to provide a functional product filler (e.g.compared to maltodetrin), increase overall shelf-life, as well as to simplify the manufacturing processes for probiotic products.
Key Advances
Quality Control and Traceability
QHT understands the importance of food safety. Hence, we have high standards of quality control of the entire supply chain starting from the raw materials we acuire, through the processes of emzyme conversion, concentration, drying and packaging. Each process follows tringent standards to to ensure the product is of stable quality and that every step is traceable.
Custom-Made Just for You
QHT is able tocustom-made the right product to suit your needs by adjusting the purity, mesh size as well as provideing different packaging solutions. In addition to having advanced facilities, our team also consists of highly professional and experienced innovators that are part of the entire QHT service experience.
Product Specification

Product Types:QHT-FOS-95S  QHT-GOS-57S  QHT-GOS-70S

Packaging:PE inner bag and high density compound bag

Packaging Specification:20kg/bag, 5kg/bag or customized