QHT attended the seminar “The possibilities of using alternative products in existing food recipes and trends” in Czech

Date:2019-10-29 0

Quantum Hi-Tech (China) Biological Co., Ltd. (QHT), a leading global prebiotic fibers supplier, attended to the seminar “The possibilities of using alternative products in existing food recipes and trends” that host by one of QHT’s crucial partners - Barentz Europe in Czech on October 23, 2019.

This time, their reliable global distributor is continuing its supports and providing our European team the valuable opportunities for QHT to meet their customers and industrial representatives in Europe. As one of the major speakers, QHT introduced their newest products and technologies to the food industry during the event.

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QHT is a Hi-Tech enterprise specializing in prebiotic products research and development, production and sale. QHT controls independent research and development core technologies and patented technologies on digestive microbiota health for over 19 years. Its core products - Fructooligosaccharides ("FOS") and Galactooligosaccharides ("GOS") -- are widely recognized as essential prebiotics that have significant beneficial effects of a properly balanced human digestive microbiome.


During the seminar, the representative of QHT- Dr. Hao Zhanxi demonstrated their innovative application ideas of bakery food and confectionery which is very popular in QHT’s products. 

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Commenting on the application, Dr. Hao claimed that “Bakery food like cookies/biscuits and bread have always been difficult to resist.  However, we have now entered an age where fat does not seem to be the main cause of obesity.  The culprit is, in fact, sugar. Can you Imagine Cookies/Biscuits with 80% less sugar, fewer calories, significant rich in fibers and golden colors. More delicious, healthier and functional. That what QHT is trying to do.

Sugar reduction is now affecting the food industry more than any other issue. More and more consumers consumer are demanding to reduce sugar content of food and drink but without affecting the taste. Even better, the end products are better to have additional health benefits.


In QHT’s creativity, FOS powder will be added into bakery products which partially replace sugar and treat as the source of fiber; the colors and smell of the products is going to improved, overall sugar and calories will be reduced. Meanwhile, the dietary fiber consumption will also increased. Prebiotic fibers such as FOS is perfect for healthy sugar reduction. QHT’s prebiotic fiber has multiple effects as once: it is all natural, it can reduce sugar content and calories, and have bifidogenic effects.


As a company that “leads the globe in prebiotic technology,” QHT asserts that it always concentrates on developing prebiotic detection and analysis systems. In the future, the company has promised that it will continually step up its pace as it develops other prebiotic applications and improves their brand competitiveness through technical innovations.