The 2nd China’s Micro-ecological Medical Treatment Innovation Forum made a great success

Date:2019-11-11 0

On Nov 9th ,2019, the 2nd  China’s Micro-ecological Medical Treatment Innovation Forum which hosted by China Society for the Promotion of Science and Technology Commercialization was held in Guangzhou.

Academician of the Chinese academy of sciences, Professor of Fudan University School of Life Science and director of Chinese National Human Genome Center at Shanghai - Mr. Zhao Guopin; Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Honorary Director of Guangdong Institute of Microbiology - Mr. Wu qingping and more than 500 scholars and professionals, representatives of medical institutes and entities, member of medical association and industrial leaders attended the forum.


This time, the forum was divided into 2 sections: “Academician Forum” and “Special Topic Seminar”.


Academician Forum

In “Academician Forum” Section: Mr. Zhao Guopin and Mr. Wu Qingping led a number of experts, scholars and industry leaders to deliver the speech on 17 microecology-related topics including “intestinal flora”, “intestinal flora and diseases”, “clinical application and practice of microecology”, “microecological preparations”, “microecological industry” and etc. 


Picture | Academician Mr. Zhao Guopin


Picture | Academician Mr. Wu Qingping


Picture | Vice President of China Society for the Promotion of Science and Technology Commercialization, Miss Xiao wei


Picture | Host of the Academician Forum, Professor Yan Guangmei


Picture | Executive Deputy Director of China Society for the Promotion of Science and Technology Commercialization 

Micro-ecology Medical Treatment Special Committee Mr. Ren Jianlin


Picture | Deputy Secretary-General of China Society for the Promotion of Science and Technology Commercialization and 

Secretary-General of Micro-ecology Medical Treatment special Committee Mr. Zhang Jianhao

5 Special Topics Seminars


Special Topics Seminar 1: Micro-ecology Clinical Applications and Practices


Picture | Vice president of Cyagen (Suzhou) biological Technology Ltd., Co. - Dr. Yu Xiaofeng


Picture | Nanchang University TranslationalMedicine Institute Department of Microbiology - Professor Chen Yantao


Picture | Xiamen University Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital Associate Professor - Professor Xu Hongzhi

Special Topics Seminar 2: Micro-ecology Preparation Research



Picture | Dalian Medical University - Professor Li Ming


Picture | Team Member of Chinese PLA General Hospital Professor Sun Gang’s Team


Picture | Hunan Normal University Medical School - Professor Liu Rushi

Special Topics Seminar 3: Micro-ecology Diagnosis, Prebiotics and Micro-ecology new medicine research and development 


Picture | President of Beijing Zhongsheng Jinyu Diagnostic Technology Limited by Share Ltd. - Wang Jiayi


Picture | Dalian Medical University - Professor Li Huajun


Picture | National Medical Micro-ecology Project Research Center

Special Topics Seminar 4 : Intestinal Microbiome Researches


Picture | Guangdong Medical University Affiliated No.1 Hospital - Professor He Xingxiang


Picture |  Southern Medical University Pearl River Hospital - Professor Zhou Hongwei 


Picture |  Manager of China National Research Institute of Food & Fermentation Industries Co., Ltd. - Professor Liu Xiu

Special Topics Seminar 5: Intestinal Microbiome and Diseases


Picture |  Shenzhen Children Hospital Chief of Respirology


Picture |  Sun Yat-Sen University Affiliated No.3 Hospital - Professor Wei Xiuqing


Picture |  Sun Yat-Sen University Affiliated No.6 Hospital - Mr. Li Menghong