QHT donates 1 Million RMB worth of microbiological intervention and protective products to the China Red Cross for the fight against the coronavirus in Wuhan.

Date:2020-02-07 0

China Red Cross: On Feb. 3, 2020, QHT represented the microbiome health industry and contributed over 1 million RMB worth of microbiological interventions – prebiotic solutions and protective products to China Red Cross to aid the right against the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China. Currently, all donations have been delivered to Hubei Province. 


Chinese National Health Commission and Chinese State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine announced in the “About the Coronavirus infection treatment solution notice (The forth edition)” that gut microbiological interventions can sustainably balance the gut microecological environment, and maintain intestinal barrier function. This could help to effectively prevent secondary bacterial infections. 


Even though there are currently no particular vaccines and drugs available, the microecological inventions can effectively improve the coronavirus patients’ mucosa and physical immunity, becoming one of the major treatment solutions to improve overall virus resistance. 


Upper Banner: Supplement for China Cross Foundation against the Coronavirus, QHT is in action

Lower Banner: QHT salutes to all medical workers in Hubei


Banner in the front of the truck: Cheer for Hubei, cheer for Wuhan