The internationalization strategy of Quantum Bio Group’s micro-ecology business has set sail in an all-round way - Interview with Mr. Chen Yingpiao, Deputy General Manager of Quantum Hi-Tech (HK) Biological co., Ltd.

Date:2020-03-23 0

In the March 20,2020 morning, the Establishment celebration ceremony of Quantum Hi-Tech (HK) Biological Limited was held in Quantum Bio group’s Headquarter in Guangzhou.

Deal to the Covid-19 epidemic situation, only several core members of Quantum Hi-Tech (HK) Biological Limited were invited to the event, including the Quantum Hi-Tech (HK) Biological Limited executive committee member, executive director and general manager - Mr. Zeng Xianwei; the the member of Quantum Hi-Tech (HK) Biological Limited Executive Committee and the General Manager of Quantum Hi-Tech (China) Biological Co., Ltd - Mr.Yang Xinqiu; and the Deputy General Manager and the Director of the International Business Development Department and the Oversea Investment Program - Mr. Y.P.Tan attended the ceremony.




Members attended the celebration event


 The the member of Quantum Hi-Tech (HK) Biological Limited Executive Committee and the General Manager of Quantum Hi-Tech (China) Biological Co., Ltd - Mr.Yang Xinqiu


The Quantum Hi-Tech (HK) Biological Limited executive committee member, executive director and general manager - Mr. Zeng Xianwei

On the 1st of March, 2020, Quantum Bio Group announced the establishment of Quantum Hi-Tech (HK) Biological Co., Ltd referred to as Quantum (HK). This is another major event of strategic significance for Quantum Bio Group after investing 100 million Yuan in 2017 to enter the microecological medical business and successfully restructuring CRO's leading enterprise ChemPartner in 2018 to start the journey.

In this regard, we specially invited Mr. Chen Yingpiao, the Deputy General Manager of Quantum (HK) to conduct an exclusive interview.


The Deputy General Manager and the Director of the International Business Development Department and the Oversea Investment Program - Mr. Y.P.Tan

1.2020 is an important moment for Quantum Bio Group's 20th anniversary and multi-industry development at full speed. We believe the establishment of Quantum (HK) is of great strategic significance. Can you tell us about the strategic positioning and planning of Quantum (HK)?

Quantum (HK) is an important measure of Quantum Bio Group's global strategic layout in the field of micro-ecological health. This internationalization not only refers to the internationalization of the market, it also includes: internationalization of the supply chain, internationalization of brands,  Internationalization of research and technology, internationalization of cooperation, and internationalization of talents, etc .; Quantum (HK) will serve as an important platform for the internationalization strategy of Quantum Bio Group. At the same time, it will shoulder the tasks of "going out" and "introducing". Through the export, introduction, and integration of resources, and building a complete ecosystem of the micro-ecological industry under the background of internationalization, the vision of becoming a leader in the global micro-ecological health field is realized.

Quantum (HK), backed by Quantum Bio Group which has a 20-year-old micro-ecological research background and is the "first share" of domestic prebiotic listed companies. With the successful restructuring of the group in recent years, it has taken advantage of its wise and mature CRO leader ChemPartner with a global pharmaceutical R & D service system, we have more resources, opportunities and possibilities in life sciences and micro-ecological health. Undoubtedly, the establishment of Quantum (HK) is also an extremely important step in the global layout of Quantum Bio Group in the field of micro-ecological health.

I think the establishment of Quantum (HK) is very farsighted and full of overall significance.


2. We know that Quantum  (HK)'s predecessor is Quantum Hi-Tech International Business Department. It has long been engaged in overseas business and has achieved good results. It has won the trust of global customers. In the future, Quantum (HK) will soon assume more responsibility and mission. How is the business sector deployed? Are there any new ideas? Could you please introduce?

Our predecessor, Quantum Hi-Tech's international business started in 2013, then in the future, in addition to the import and export business of Quantumn (HK), which will carry this part of the original micro-ecological health products, we will also undertake to broaden the global strategic horizon and establish domestic and foreign micro-economy. The function of the platform for the exchange of resources, information and technology in the ecological health industry, with an open mind, to build a flexible and diverse cooperation model with global partners in the field of micro-ecological health. I believe that through the establishment of a Hong Kong entity, our foreign partners can more clearly recognize the company's determination to open up the micro-ecological international market.

3. For a long time, we have a very deep accumulation and foundation in the overseas business sector, so with the establishment of Quantum (HK), it will play a greater role. We are looking forward to your introduction of the advantages of Quantum (HK) in the business field.

In the international market, companies like us that focus on the micro-ecological industry are rare. Companies that master the core technology of the entire industry chain, such as strain selection, enzyme engineering, process development, analysis and detection, and immune intervention evaluation, produced by prebiotics are rare too. For example, at the technical level, our self-developed immobilized enzyme technology system is unique in the world, and its outstanding performance in environmental friendliness has been recognized by global partners. We have established a large database and carried out a number of studies, which are valued by many foreign partners.

In addition, Quantum high-tech has a deep brand accumulation, which is very important and solid foundation. Moreover, today we have 7 years of overseas cooperation business experience, a complete sales network covering the world, and a deeper understanding of foreign business models and cultures. Quantum  (HK)'s business staff have rich foreign work and life experience. As an overseas Chinese, I have lived in China for 8 years. I also consider myself a person who can understand the needs and expressions of both parties. It is hoped that this will achieve the effect of reducing misunderstandings and increasing trust in communication.




4. Due to the impact of the economic cycle and the recent epidemic, it is now a cold winter for many Chinese enterprises, and the establishment of Quantum (HK) shows that Quantum Bio group is full of confidence in the overseas market for a long time to come. Could you please interpret the prospect of prebiotics in the overseas market for us?

Regarding this issue, first of all, we regret this epidemic that has had a huge impact on the world. At the same time, we believe that whether it comes from the economic cycle or the epidemic, the long-term positive fundamentals of the Chinese economy will not change. We are full of confidence.

Then, returning to the global market, the implementation of the Group's internationalization strategy is based on full confidence in the prospects of the global micro-ecological health industry. From the perspective of products and trade, the prebiotic market continues to improve. Data from Global Market Insights shows that from 2015 to 2023, the global prebiotic market size has a compound annual growth rate of 11.6%. At the same time, the growing concern about chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity, coupled with the increasing emphasis on healthy diet, has led to the widespread demand for prebiotics. In addition to nutrition and health products, as well as baby milk powder and baby food, we see that prebiotics have become the nutritional basis of more and more common foods. On the other hand, micro-ecological research is one of the most popular research fields in life sciences today. Its broad prospects are widely recognized by academics and industry. We look forward to more cooperation with partners in this field. Finally, regarding the epidemic situation, as an emergency, it has made the global public more clearly aware of the value of micro-ecological health to human immunity, which has given us greater motivation.

5. There is no doubt that Quantum (HK), as the bridgehead of the strategic deployment of the Quantum Bio Group's micro-ecological internationalization, its establishment and development will definitely bring great value and effects to the group as a whole. Would you like to talk to us about your expectations?

Globally, the total market for micro-ecology is mainly foreign, and the cake is in overseas. Today, we have accumulated a good foundation in the field of microecology, and have advanced core technologies. We are confident and determined to let more foreign countries see the energy of China's microecological leader.

Quantum (HK)'s top leader is the company committee, which includes the Group Chairman, Group President and General Manager of the micro-ecological nutrition division. This committee brings together the characteristics of international vision, market experience and linked capital. In the future, under the guidance of the General Manager, we will use integrated supply chains and combine our own innovation advantages to strive to bring sustainable profitability growth to the group as a whole, enhance international competitiveness, realize the value of the brand internationalization, and even China Enterprises gain greater say in the international micro-ecological field. In the long-term, we have solidified the status of the Quantum Hi-Tech brand of the Quantum Bio Group as a leader in the global micro-ecological health industry.

6. If you would like to summarize your expectation for the future of Quantum (HK) in one sentence, which sentence would you use? thank you very much!

Quantum (HK) will become an open platform, which will create a "global micro-ecological health industry ecosystem", give employees, customers and shareholders confidence and support, and realize the mission of "allowing millions of households to have micro-ecological health and happiness".